Our Begining

Mångata was first manifested many moons ago, when as a little girl, our founding Goddess, Alycia Ann would spend hours playing dress up, drawing outfits she hoped to design one day, and answering 'own a boutique' when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up. Although she's never quite felt 'grown up', she questioned what was holding her back from pursuing her dream, and without a grounding excuse, she decided to go for it. And with that, Mångata was born.

our name

Mångata comes from Swedish background and translates in English to 'the shimmering roadlike refection of moonlight on water'. What if you were able to walk on water and travel down that road? What would you find where the moon meets the sea? We aim to answer that question and create a world of enchantment and mysticism. A world where you are celebrated, loved, and understood. A world created just for you.  

Our vision

Mångata is for the feminine who knows that it is not a synonym for weak. The confident who are not driven by ego. And the souls that have a Goddess spirit inside. Mångata is a gypsy chic collection that aims to inspire the creative and unique warrior inside of you through a collection of bold designs, modern takes on vintage style, and luxe fabrics to help you exude your inner stardust on the out.