Porcupine Quill Goddess Bib

Porcupine Quill Goddess Bib


Fierce, Dramatic, Sensitive, Feminine ... This bib is a more than a statement piece, it is a ritual piece. This piece is made with vintage chainmaille and real porcupine quills (harvested sheds from South Africa) held in by recycled bullet casing bezels. 

Length: Neckline: 20" (including chainmaille) Drape Length: 9" 
Materials: Antique Brass Plated Chain over Mixed Metal, Recycled Bullet Casings, African Porcupine Sheds, Pyrite beads 

* If you need this necklace lengthened, please let us know. This chainmaille should hang right at the bust so the quills hang properly and naturally. 

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