Remember Hand Chain

Remember Hand Chain


Pendants dim: 1.5” x 1.5“, 14k Gold plated Brass
Chain: 14k Gold plated Brass

✦ Explore the patterns ✦ 

Which one do find beautiful? Which one resonates with you? 

1st Chakra ◇ Birth  "to have"  Grounding, Physical needs
2nd Chakra ◇ Desire  "to feel"  Creativity, Sensuality
3rd Chakra ◇ Strength "to act" Power, Self image, Control energy
4th Chakra ◇ Heart "to love" Love, Compassion, Healing
5th Chakra ◇ Voice "to speak" Communication, Creativity
6th Chakra ◇ Vision "to see" Intuition, Insight
7th Chakra ◇ Thought "to know" Understanding

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