the Mångata Woman:

alycia ann


Hello, my Goddess sisters. I'm Alycia Ann, the founder and creator of this world. What you see here is the inside of my mind, out for the universe to see.

My entire life I have had this ache inside of me, this burning desire to create something...bigger than myself. With an artist's soul, and a wandering heart, I have traveled throughout the world trying to find myself in hopes that I'd find my art as well. As if it was out there just waiting for me to stumble upon it. 

What I found instead, was that it was inside of me all along. All I needed was to awake my Goddess inside, my Mångata Woman. She is inside all of us, and for me she thrives on peace and passion, often preferring to mediate, read, write, or connect with another intimate soul.

She loves to play. She dances while she cooks, listening to classic rock albums. She wakes up before the sun to hike up a mountain and greet it 'Good morning'. She yearns to create, experimenting with paints, recipes, fabrics, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She has a passion for exploring, traveling to different countries to understand the world as a whole. She realizes being a child of the Universe means that everyone is special, and no one is special. 

She is my mind, my heart, my soul, and my art. She is me. 

My other world of whimsy: The Sidewalk Style


From my heart to yours: 

Welcome to my world.